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Randall Elementary School: Classes


Randall BookShare 2019


Thank you to all who donated books.  Our goal was to collect 1100 books, and we have collected between 1300 and 1400 books!

  • All students get to choose 3 books.  We will have extra books, which we will put on a cart, and then students and teachers will get to take books from the cart next week. 

  • You may only choose 1 red dot book. 
  • You can pick up the books, but please stay at that table while you are deciding about that book.
  • Please put the books back where you got them.
  • If two people want the same book at the same time, please go to an adult and they will help figure out who gets the book.
  • When you have chosen your books, please check with an adult and then read your books in the window area, or the round tables. 
  • When you hear the music the first time, that is your signal that there are 5 minutes left. When you hear the music the second time, that is your signal to line up with your books and your class. 

Randall Elementary School Library