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Randall Elementary School: Art


Scroll Down to See Our Art Affirmations and Sketchbooks!


Randall Art Affirmations

Randall Art Affirmations:  All grades are on this playlist. Click in the upper left to get to the video you want to view. 

3rd grade students are in videos #1, #2, and part of #3. 
4th grade students are in the other part of #3 and #4.
5th grade students are in #5 and #6.

Beshay's Sketchbooks

Sketchbook Slides--Cote's Class

Feingold's Sketchbooks

Navin's Sketchbooks

Spiegel's Sketchbooks

Atwell's Sketchbooks

Langer's Sketchbooks

Rumpf's Sketchbooks

Vyas's Sketchbooks

Faber's Sketchbooks

Kampa's Sketchbooks

Shorette's Sketchbooks

Sugar's Sketchbooks

Watter's Sketchbooks

Meet Me at Midnight!

Click the picture to play!

The Root Monster, a mischievous folk art sculpture, has mixed-up artworks at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Learn art concepts as you solve mysteries and set the museum right!