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Randall Elementary School: Randall G3 Teacher Resources

Welcome to Randall G3 Resources and Professional Development for Staff

Randall Staff:

Welcome to Randall G3 Professional Development and Resources. Here you will find links to assist you in increasing your skills in G Suite, digital formative assessment, and  the SAMR model, as well as other skills you will need as we move forward as a G3 school.

Personalized Learning for Google Suite


Click here for Personalized Tech Learning Plans for all of the Google Suite applications . You will then click on the subject you are interested in, click "check for your understanding" , then click on the skills you do not know how to do. A personalized plan with video links and other "how to" links will then be emailed to you so that you can learn those skills at your own pace, or use for review.  


Click here for a G Suite Gameboard to help you learn the G Suite Tools.  

Formative Assessment

 Digital Formative Assessment Tools

(listed are just a few of the many available tools)

1) Click here for a document from the MMSD Ignite site which lists tools, articles and resources for digital formative assessment.

2) Click here for a document called Formative Assessment Demo Slam (from MMSD) which also lists tools for digital formative assessment.

3) Click here for a document called Using Technology to Check for Understanding (from MMSD), which categorizes  various digital formative assessment tools by 

Using Oral Language (O), Using Writing (W),  Using Non-Verbal Communication (NV),

and Using Projects/Performance (P)

3) Click here for a comparison of Kahoot, Quizziz, Quizlet, and Quizalize  

Ed Tech Challenges

Click here to try out some Ed Tech Challenges.  The Ed Tech Challenges will help you learn  Google Hangouts, the SAMR Model, Google Classroom, EdPuzzle, Animoto, Google Slides, ThingLink, Explain Everything, Google Keep, Quizziz, Kahoot, Quizlet, Youtube, Screen Cast-o-matic, Go Formative, Digital Citizenship and Today's Meet.


(You can get up to .1 PAC for each module you complete, and there will be a class in June centered around these Ed Tech Challenges--See Michelle for more information)





(The instructions were posted in the October 16-20 and October 23-27 Relays.  A link to a 40 minute "how to" webinar was also posted in those Relays.  The instructions and the webinar were also posted in the Randall PD Google Classroom)