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Randall Elementary School: Wellness

Welcome to our Wellness Page

THANKS for visiting the Wellness space!  

Click on the video links below to learn more about the   
5-2-1-0 initiative, Mindful Minutes, and the Move to Learn posters in our schools. 

When we make healthy choices, we feel healthier and our brains work better!  

Nurse Lovell

5210 English Videos

5210 Intro

5210 Fruits and Vegetables

5210 Physical Activity

5210 Screentime

5210 Spanish Videos

5210 Spanish Fruits and Vegetables

5210 Spanish Physical Activity

5210 Spanish Sugary Drinks

Mindful Minutes

English ExplanationHmong ExplanationSpanish Explanation

Deep BreathesFour B's

Breathe & HugCool Air In

Relaxation LocationSee, Hear, Feel

Tense, ReleaseTree Swaying

Warm HandsWish for Peace

Move to Learn Introduction Video

Move to Learn