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Sennett LMC: 1:1 Support

Sennett Vocabulary & Acronyms

Sennett Vocab

Click the image above or THIS LINK for alphabetized list of Sennet acronyms and vocabulary 

Click THIS LINK to ask about a word/acronym not on the spreadsheet.  Beckett will automatically receive an email and respond to you by end of day. 

Apps/Add Ons/Extensions


Click the image above or link below to browse an extensive list of Chrome Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions

Check to see if a Google App is down

Presentation Tools BEYOND PowerPoint


Emergency= Screen, sound, etc. not working - call 41933

Same Day= had a glitch/ problem during class, did alternate activity, want it to work tomorrow.  Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM

Collaborative (3 or more days in advance) = want individual help to plan tech activity to use with students.  Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM

FAQs Log- Click HERE  to see if others have had your tech issue and learn how they resolved it.

Damaged student device= bring to Beckett/ LMC

[Staff Only]  Click HERE to fill out a work order for Sennett's microtech. Work order username = your b# Pw= your mmsd gmail password

Personalized Tech Learning

Screen Mirroring

Below you will find a link containing directions on how teachers can mirror mobile devices to the classroom desktop/display unit.

The following two links contain directions to help students mirror their digital device to the classroom desktop/display unit (these links are also embedded into the document above):

Sennett's Building-Wide Structures


Click the image above to access a program that records what is happening on the computer screen and your voice as you explain what the viewer is seeing. 

Email for the password. 

Keep Yourself Organized!

Personal Password Tracker- Click HERE for a template that you can copy and use to house your passwords for websites/apps/products, etc

MMSD Digital Culture Folders