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Glendale Elementary LMC: How To...

Welcome to the Glendale LMC! You can find many fun and exciting links on this site to help you in your learning. Please ask Ms. Engle if you have any questions.

Restarting Device

Restarting solves many device problems.

How to restart:

Hold down the power button on the side and the refresh button in the middle of the top row on the keyboard until the side light goes off. Wait 10 seconds, then power back up.

Start New to help Fix Program & CB Issues

Sign-out of your Chromebook

  • on the login screen next to your name there will be a little drop down arrow (looks like a "v"), click "remove user"
  • next click "shut down" (still on the login screen)
  • let your Chromebook sit for a couple of minute then turn it back on
  • click "add user" at the bottom of the login screen
  • put in your email and password
  • try out a couple of things to see how it is working 

MMSD Virtual Learning Site


Go here for all things related to virtual learning through the district.

Scroll down and click on WiFi and Chromebooks if you need help with a device. 

Call 608-204-5678 with your technology questions.

Or email Mrs. Engle at