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Shabazz City High School : Citations


We have a district license to EasyBib. Every teacher & student in grades 6-12 can create a PRO account by logging into EasyBib from school and using their school e-mail to register. 

Advantages: saving full bibliographies

notes features

outlining features

 & lots of other helpful options!


How to Login to NoodleTools

1. Click on NoodleTools Icon

2. Click "Sign In"

3. Click "Create a Personal ID"

4. Verify default button selected:
"An account linked to a school/library subscription"

5. Click "Register"

6. Enter the Username/Password 
***See Librarian (Amanda) for info.

7. Click "Sign In"

8. Complete the Registration page with your personal data. The recommended naming convention for Personal ID = first initial of first name + first initial of middle name + full last name
Example: ajrenz

9. Click "Register"

Social Media Citation Guide