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Mendota Elementary LMC: G3 Tech Plan

G3 Why and How...

Mendota Staff, My hope is that this page makes the G3 experience easier for you and your students.  See the boxes below for district skill recommendations, upcoming PD dates, and online PD links.  Pd will be offered most 1st and 3rd Mondays during PLC time and then the 1st or last Wednesday every month.  To learn about the G3 Whys and Hows, click the following link - G3 Informational Session.  Happy Learning!

Google Mail


  • Personalize the Format of Your Gmail Inbox

  • Create Filters so Messages Instantly Go Where They Belong

  • Apply Visual Star Icons to Organize Relevant Messages

  • Apply Multiple Labels to Diverse Conversations

  • Search Gmail for Anything

  • Gmail Translate feature

PD Dates: PLC - Feb. 6 with Calendar and Documents / After School (3-4) - Jan. 18 with Calendar

Online PD

Gmail Link

Google Slides

Google Slides

  • Create Google Slides

  • Insert and Arrange Text, Shapes, and Lines

  • Insert Word Art

  • Create Linked Text

  • Embed a Video in Google Slides

  • Share Slides

PD Dates: PLC - Feb. 20 / After School (3-4) - Mar. 1 with Search

Online PD

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  • YouTube Channels

  • YouTube Playlists

  • Filter Your Search, by playlist, channel, duration, etc

  • Save or Bookmark a Video, watch later option

  • Browse YouTube EDU

  • Subscribe to Channels

  • Access Playlists and Subscriptions in the Guide

  • Create a Playlist

  • Edit and Organize a Playlist

  • Save Another User’s Playlist

  • Share Playlists with Students, through email, link, Blogger

  • Safety Mode

  • Subtitles and Closed Captioning

  • View Modes, full screen, in Slides

  • Dealing With Low Bandwidth, change resolution, preload​

PD Dates: PLC - Apr. 17 / After School (3-4) - Apr. 19 with Digital Formative Assessment

Online PD

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

  • Create a Classroom Calendar Separate from Your Personal Calendar

  • Create an Event in a Calendar

  • Share a Calendar

  • Set Customized Reminder Notifications for Events

  • Attach a Shared Google Doc to a Calendar Event

  • Using Calendar to schedule meetings

  • Using Calendar to send invites

  • Use Resource Calendars to reserve items

PD Dates: PLC - Feb. 6 with Gmail and Documents / After School (3-4) - Jan. 18 with Gmail

Online PD




Google Sheets

Google Sheets

  • Create a Google Sheet

  • Spreadsheet Vocabulary

  • Formatting cells

  • Using Formula and Functions including Sum, Average, Unique, Count, If

  • Sorting Numbers, Text, or Dates

  • Organize Data Collected in a Google Sheet

  • Analyze the Data in a Google Sheet with Charts and Graphs

  • Trendlines

  • Copy and paste a Chart to Docs or Slides

  • Publish Results from a Google Sheet

  • Share Sheets with others

  • Protecting sheets and ranges

PD Dates: PLC - Mar. 6 / After School (3-4) - Mar. 29 with Forms

Online PD

Personal Learning Networks & Hangouts

Personal Learning Networks:

  • Know about different PLNS

  • Understand and participate in a PLN that works best for you

Video Hangouts

  • Start a Video Hangout from your computer

  • Start a Video Hangout from Your Android or iOS Device, including dial in

  • How to invite others to a Video Hangout

  • Get People into the Hangout with Links and Calendar

  • Share Your Screen with Others during a Hangout

  • Managing Your Bandwidth in a Video Hangout

  • Using Google Hangouts for Online Meetings

PD Dates: PLC - May 1 / After School (3-4) - May 17

Online PD: Check Back!

Google Documents

Google Documents

  • Create a Google Document

  • Share a Google Document

  • How to collaborate using Google Docs

  • Provide Feedback with Comments and Suggested Edits in Docs

  • Direct Comments to specific users

  • Add links to comments

  • Access and Review Revision History in Google Docs

  • Review Comments in Google Docs for Contributions

  • Revert to Earlier Versions of Google Docs

  • Citation tools to avoid plagiarism


PD Dates: PLC - Feb. 6 with Mail and Calendar / After School (3-3:30) - Feb. 1


Online PD

Google Forms

Google Forms

  • Create a Google Form

  • Add/Edit a Question in Google Forms

  • Choose a Response Destination

  • Share Your Google Form

  • View Responses

  • Using Google Forms for Feedback

  • Grading with Google Forms

  • Using Google Forms to Collect Data

  • Embed Video in Google Forms

PD Dates: PLC - Mar. 20 / After School (3-4) - Mar 29 with Sheets

Online PD






Google Classrooms

Google Classroom

  • Set up Your Classroom Classes

  • Add Students to Your Classroom Roster Using a Class Code

  • Invite Students to your Classroom

  • Create Your Classroom Roster with Groups

  • Create Your Classroom Roster with Contacts

  • Create an Assignment in Classroom

  • Add Links, Videos, and Files to Classroom Assignments

  • Add Drive Files to Classroom Assignments

  • Viewing Assignments

  • View Classroom docs before turn in

  • Use Classroom app on tablets

  • Turning in non-Google files

  • Making a copy for each student

  • Marking complete when nothing is to be turned in

  • Grading Google Classroom Assignments

  • Private messages in Classroom

PD Dates: PLC - May 15 / After School (3-4) - May 31

Online PD

Google Search

Google Search

  • How to Search on Google

  • Use the Omnibox for instant searches

  • The essential digital literacy skill of searching online

  • Simple steps to evaluate sources

  • Utilizing Filters and Modifiers in Search

  • Digital footprint - Google search and image search your name

PD Dates: NO PLCTIME / After School (3-4) - Mar. 1 with Slides

Online PD: Check Back!

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Digital Formative Assessments

Digital Formative Assessments

  • Know about several DFAs

  • Understand and use several DFAs that work best for you and your students

PD Dates: PLC - Apr. 3 / After School (3-4) - Apr. 19 with Youtube

Online PD: Check Back!

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G3 in the Classroom


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