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Mendota Elementary LMC: March Madness

March Book Madness

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Big Nate Winner




Round 2: Funny Guys

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Captain Underpants

Round 1: Battle of the Diaries

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 178 Votes

Dork Diaries: 119 Votes

Round 1: Scary and Scarier

Goosebumps: 134 Votes

American Chillers: 22 Votes

Round Three - Bracket # 1

Big Nate

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Round 2: Realistic School vs. Hogwarts

Big Nate

Harry Potter

Round 1: The Unlikely Heroes

Captain Underpants: 99 Votes

Lunch Lady: 51 Votes

Round 1: The Fantastic Creatures

Pokemon: 149 Votes

Spiderwick Chronicles: 41 Votes

Round Three - Bracket # 2


I Survived

Round 2: Is real life scarier than fiction?

I Survived


Round 1: Class Clowns

Big Nate: 203 Votes

Junie B. Jones: 42 Votes

Round 1: Comic Book Titans

Amulet: 120 Votes

Babysitters Club: 55 Votes




Round 2: Comic Book Titans ROUND 2



Round 1: Wizards vs. gods

Harry Potter: 141 Votes

Percy Jackson: 61 Votes

Round 1: Race Against Time

I Survived: 89 Votes

Magic Treehouse: 63 Votes