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Research Guides: 7th grade Zoos, Cranes, and Wolfs

Seeing Both Sides

Databases to help see both sides:

Both sides

Comparison Search -- search pros and cons of any topic -- search zoo, "sandhill cranes", or wolf hunts using dogs

Opposing Viewpoints -- search pros and cons -- zoo, sandhill cranes AND hunting, or wolf hunts using dogs

Try these databases to search on your topic.

Kids Search (through Badgerlink)

Science Resource Center (through Badgerlink)

Helpful tools -- Looking to narrow or broaden your topic?

Forget how helpful keyword terms, Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT), and quotation marks can be?

Watch the funny and useful 2 minute video from Common Craft: Web Search Strategies

Don't forget to cite your sources. Want to cite your sources easily? Use