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Welcome to the Glendale Snack Garden: Growing and Nutrition Education

prairie flowers

2018 Announcements

Glendale Fall Cleanup

Saturday, Oct. 6 9:00-Noon

Rain date: Sunday, Oct 7 2:00-5:00 pm

Please consider joining our fall cleanup crew on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 9:00-Noon. Our task is to cardboard and mulch the walkways and get the soil beds ready for the winter. We will keep the date and time unless the weather is pouring rain. Rain date will be the next day, Sunday, October 7 from 2:00-5:00 pm. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes and bring a wheel barrow if you have one. If enough people show up we will be finished before noon.

Last fall we did such a great job with fall cleanup that we didn't need to do one in spring. All volunteers are welcome (including kids if accompanied by an adult) for any or all of the time. 

Email Nancy Kieraldo if you have questions about this event. 

2017 Garden Season Slide Show

Glendale Crane Family

Sandhill crane familysandhill cranes


2018 Pollinator Visitors

Male monarch butterfly

Male Monarch Butterfly: the two black dots on hind wings shows it is a male butterfly

Swallowtail butterfly

Swallowtail butterfly

bumble bee on bergamot flower

Bumblebee  on bergamot flower

Straw Bale Gardens: Grant from MAMGA

Straw Bale Gardens: Grant from Madison Area Master Gardeners Association (MAMGA)

Squash and strawberries

squash and strawberries in straw bales


carrots in straw bales

Bush beans and cherry tomatoes

beans and tomatoes in straw bales

What's Growing in the Garden?

August in the Glendale Garden

Garlic harvest

Garlic harvest August 2

Preparing the soil for buckwheat

Preparing the soil for buckwheat

Planting the cover crop buckwheat

Planting the cover crop buckwheat

July in the Glendale Garden

Yellow lillies and monarda

Yellow lilies and bergamot

Green kale and marigolds

Green kale and marigolds (seeded by students in the spring)

Melon and squash garden in straw bales

Melon and squash garden in straw bales

Growing watermelon

Growing watermelon

Mint/menta growing in the herb garden.

Mint should be planted in a container in your garden. If not, it will take over the garden for years to come!

Straw Bale Gardening: Sponsored by Madison Area Master Gardener Association

Strawberries growing in straw bales

Strawberries growing in straw bales

Spring Gardens

Radish Mango Salsa Spring Garden

Radish Mango Salsa Garden

Spring Salad Wrap Garden

Spring Salad Wrap Garden

Cherry Tree

The sour cherry tree blossomed this week which is about two weeks later than most springs. Usually harvest is in late June. It may be a few weeks later this year. Summer school garden students will do the harvesting and pitting and then it will be made into Glendale Cherry Jam! It's a hit with everyone involved. 


Chives: cebollin

Stop by garden 4 and snack on a spring time favorite: chives/cebollin. It is tasty in egg dishes and chopped up and sprinkled on cottage cheese. Enjoy! By the way, notice our new plant paver signs in the garden. We are creating these in Garden Club and will be adding these to the garden as more is planted. 

Invasive Species Alert: Garlic Mustard in the Garden! 

This is a highly invasive species that grows in April. If you see it in your garden or yard, pull it gently to get the tap root out. You will probably need to do it every year until it's gone. The seeds can last up to 7 years in the soil.

Invasive species: Garlic Mustard


Glendale School Garden

Glendale School Garden Shed

Glendale School Garden: Established 2010

1201 Tompkins Dr. Madison, WI

 Glendale Principal: Benjamin Ketterer

Garden Coordinator

Nancy Kieraldo

Nancy Kieraldo

2016 Master Gardener Volunteer

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UW Extension Nutritionist

Zulema Cruz Hinds

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Library Media Technology Specialist

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Nancy Engle

GSG Steering Committee

Sue Bernhagen, Glendale Teacher

Kristine Chiles, Glendale Teacher

Nancy Engle, Glendale Library Media Specialist

Nancy Kieraldo, Garden Coordinator

Sara Milewski, Glendale Teacher

Julian Freeman, MSCR Director

Zulema Cruz Hinds, UW Extension Nutritionist


prairie flowers

Photo Credits

All photos by: N. Kieraldo