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Glendale Garden: 2017 Spring Gardening

Glendale School Garden

Welcome to the Glendale Snack Garden: Growing and Nutrition Education

prairie flowers

Spring 2017

Spring Garden Club: March 22, 2017

young gardeners in front of shed


Planting Marigolds: March 22, 2017

seeding marigolds

Digging Winter Rye: March 29

digging winter rye

Creating carrot seed tape on a rainy day.

creating carrot seed tape

2017 Spring Gardening

MSCR Plant Diary: Spring 2017

April 24: Garden Club beat the rain and finished planting the strawberries and turned over the last 3 raised beds for summer gardens that will be planted in late May. Tough work because the soil was heavy from the .75 inch rainfall earlier in the day. Finally, the club decorated paint stirrer sticks that will become plant identification markers in the garden. 

April 23: Planted strawberries in straw bale garden 20 and German Butter Ball potatoes in straw bale garden 17. Got them in before a week of rain. Tony and Essence planted mint and rosemary in pots to place in the herb garden. Classes Pinkston, Benning and Bernhagen planted their spring gardens today. 4K classes planted planted Bonanza Marigolds in small peat pots with the intention of planting them in the garden in June.

April 19: Final Spring Cleanup: finished the mulch. Added the garden number signs and cleaned more of the perennial gardens. Cut the remaining Winter Rye to keep it from going to seed. 

Week of April April 10: Spring Break, no students. 21 Switch grass bales delivered to the garden. Began the 12-day conditioning of bales on Saturday April 15 for the Strawberries (Garden 20) and Potatoes (Garden 18) to plant on April 26.

April 5: Rainy afternoon. Created carrot seed tape for the Straw Bale Snack Garden later in May. Replanted the marigolds to improve germination rate. No Garden Club next week because of Spring Break!

March 29: Dug up winter rye in four raised beds to get ready for classroom gardening. Cleaned up some of the perennial beds. About 50% germination of planted marigolds. 

March 22:  Planted 4 trays of Bonanza Marigolds, placed in indoor lighted growing house, Garlic planted in fall is starting to grow. Some winter spinach is up. Did a spinach taste test. YUM!

Spring 2017

MSCR Spring 2017

Adding colorful number signs to the garden. Thank you

Mrs. Perez's class for making our garden signs!

garden signs


digging mulch

Decorating Plant Label Markers

painting plant labels

prairie flowers