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Welcome to the Falk School Library Media Center

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Suzanne Best
Falk Library Media Center
6323 Woodington Way
Madison, WI 53711

Welcome to Falk Library Media Center

Welcome to Falk Library Media Center's Library Portal

  • Each class has library media class once a week for thirty minutes and learn information and digital literacy skill with emphasis on great books.   
  • The LMC is a great place for tutors, mentors, independent learners, and for teachers to reserve its space and resources (i.e. computers, and books).   Come and learn with us. 
  • The Library Portal is the online part of the library media center and is web guide providing reading, technology, learning, and teaching resources.
  • Come browse our amazing selection of books, learn on computers, or simply relax and read on one of our bean bags at Falk's welcoming Library Media Center.




Quotes about the Library from Falk Students

"I wanted to come up here...because the library is a cozy, warm place."

"You know why I get to check out all these books?  Because I bring them back!" 

"This is helping us learn!"