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Elvehjem Elementary LMC: Coding




Learn to Code

Hour of Code Games- Minecraft, Moana, Star Wars, more logo

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Scratch logo



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Inspirational Videos



Sphero Edu

Code the Sphero! (iPad only)

Ask Ms. Ochoa for the iPad to save a program. Code first then get permission to play your program.

sphero coding

Kinder - Kodable- Hour of Code


1st grade- The Foos - Hour of Code

The Foos - Hour of Code

2/3 Hour of Code

4/5 Hour of Code Hour of Code Games-  over 80 options! hour of code logo

Options include following plus: Flappy Bird, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Angry Birds, Monster High, Google, Scratch and more!

minecraft coding

moana coding

star wars coding