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Glendale Elementary LMC: Home

Welcome to the Glendale LMC! You can find many fun and exciting links on this site to help you in your learning. Please ask Ms. Engle if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Glendale Library Portal

libraries are for everyone

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Google drive

google classroom


Glendale Garden Portal

Kid-Safe Search Engines

Safe search kids


kid rex

Student Digital Literacy Survey

Student Digital Literacy Survey

Grades 3-12

Due Friday 5/24/2019


Digital Learning Survey Link

Click on Image above for link

Search our Library Catalog!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Poem by Moses, Madison & Naomi

Dear Teachers,

  Your smile shines upon the crowd,

   One day us students will make you proud,

   You taught us all we need to know,

    So now you can watch us grow,

     We will be thankful for you until the end of time,

      Be grateful for you until the last clock chimes,

    We know that you’ll never love us less,

      Even though sometimes we are a hot mess,

     Golden teachers, squirrelly kids,

      Together we make a colorful crowd,

     In which each of us stand out,


   Thanks for being AWESOME!!!!!!

Celebrate Libraries!

Signing the Glendale Song

Library Media Technology Specialist

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Nancy Engle

What is Mrs. Engle Reading?

What Can Your LMC and Mrs. Engle Do For You?

Welcome to the Library Media Center (LMC)

Library Mission

  • Glendale Tigers will be life-long learners and readers who can think and act independently with information and technology in a safe, responsible, respectful and kind way.
  • The LMC will provide resources, instruction, and support to reach this goal and meet the needs of our diverse learning community!

Spanish Library Portal

Spanish library portal