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Inventions: Home

Begin Your Quest


  1. Click on the icon to get to Destiny Quest.
  2. Type your invention into the Find box.
  3. Click the tab that says Web Sites.
  4. You can narrow your search if you like.
  5. Hover over an option to find out more about it.
  6. If it seems like a useful site, click to go to that site.
  7. Remember to cite your source.

Mackin EBooks

  1. Click on the icon.
  2. Login with school=okeeffe, username=okeeffe, password=ebooks
  3. Click View Groups on the left side of screen
  4. Click Inventions to see the books you may use.
  5. Check the Table of Contents to find the page your invention starts on.
  6. Cite your source.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Provided by BadgerLink

Remember to cite your source.


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Remember to cite your source.


EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Keep In Mind...

When searching for sites on the web:

Who wrote the pages and are they an expert?
What is the purpose of the site?
When was the site created/last updated?
Where does the information come from?
Why is this information useful for my purpose?


Sweet Search


You may use Sweet Search after you have tried the other sources.

Remember to cite your source.