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La Follette Library Portal: ACT Resources

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ACT resources develops unbiased, data-driven product and service reviews for universities, government agencies, associations and schools. Websites like police departments, chambers of commerce, and universities link to our website in order to provide trusted and value added information to their web audiences.

I’m contacting you because I want to share a resource that would be very valuable to students interested in taking the SAT or ACT for college admission. This guide is completely free and accessible for everyone. As you probably know, many parents spend thousands of dollars on test prep courses for their high schoolers. The importance of getting a good score weighs heavily on the minds of many students. Many will seek professional help through the aid of test prep programs, but with so many different courses and programs to choose from, it is oftentimes difficult to accurately compare the courses. Their first stop for information on these services is often their child’s school library, which is where you come in. By linking the guide on your website, you can help your families choose the SAT/ACT prep course that best suits their student’s needs. The team at has worked hard to develop a free ACT/SAT test prep resource that features a comprehensive guide, expert ratings, data-driven comparisons, and unbiased reviews to help students obtain the score they want.

You can see see our resource here:

Many high schools around the country link to this resource in an effort to provide their students with valuable information in an easy to use way. Here are a few examples:

The team, which is comprised of researchers and industry experts, dedicated hundreds of hours examining and evaluating 38 different test prep programs. Based on a number of data points, we were able to narrow that list down, leaving us with 7 standout programs. Our research team conducted a thorough review of each of those options, evaluating over 28 different features.

I hope you’d find our resource useful. Would you consider linking to our work from your site? You would be creating a great amount of value for potential graduate students by giving them access to our comprehensive guide. I look forward to hearing from you soon.