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La Follette Library Portal: ASL

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Step 1: Read several of the articles listed below to find answers to Mrs. Guyette's questions about the Deaf Community in Martha's Vineyard, from 1714-1952.

Step 2: Create a new Google document. Title it by your name + Martha's Vineyard Deaf Community (example: DeAndre Fountain Martha's Vineyard Deaf Community)

Step 3: In your Google Doc, answer the following questions:

          1.  Where is Martha's Vineyard?

          2.  Years ago, why did so many people there use sign language?

          3.  What was the name of the sign language they used?

          4.  From what country and area did "the deaf gene" that some people had there first come?

          5.  What year do they think the first Deaf man moved to Martha's Vineyard?

          6.  What proof can you give that sign language was accepted on the island?
          7.  What is the connection between Martha's Vineyard's sign language and the ASL that was being developed by Laurent Clerc at the American School for the Deaf?
          8.  Over time, there were fewer and fewer Deaf people on the island.  Why?  What happened?
          9.  What year did the last deaf Vineyard native pass away?

          10. How would you feel if you lived in a community where almost everyone used sign language and why? (please answer in several sentences)

Step 4: SHARE your Google doc with your teacher, Mrs. Guyette: