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Holocaust resources for Ms. Cushman's class

·  A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust (from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology; includes links to several first-hand accounts from that time period)

· Children’s Diaries from the Holocaust (from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum web site)

· Don't miss the resources available at The Bremen Museum in Atlanta
· The National WWII Museum online

·  NeoK12 – Scroll down and there are videos!

·  German Propaganda Archive

·  Edsitement  - search “Holocaust” – there’s good stuff, including an article about being a teenager (“coming of age”) then vs. now

·  World War II Resources from the “Public’s Library and Digital Archive”

· List of Holocaust Survivors (to search for in Biography in context)


Also, while you should NEVER use Wikipedia in a research assignment (because it’s not 100% accurate all of the time), I DO recommend scrolling to the bottom of a Wikipedia entry for External Links, and sometimes the footnotes and the bibliography – These sections often have academic websites on the same topic that you might want to use for an assignment!


Databases (on the Database TAB of THIS web site)

Biography in Context: search for a specific person in the search window (You can also search by a person’s occupation, nationality, birth place or death place; Do an Advanced Search to search for multiple traits) - TONS!!! of great information on specific authors, including the citation (at the bottom of the Biography article)

SIRS Researcher: type in your search – After you select an article, you can scroll to the very bottom to read the article SUMMARY and to find the correct citation to paste into your notes. Click here for the article: Book Banning Efforts Bring on Title Fights. (NOTE: You'll need a password for this site when you're off-campus)

Badgerlink: After you click on Badgerlink, select the magnifying glass on the right to do a "SUPER SEARCH" and search ALL of the free databases for Wisconsin residents (Note: some may require a Madison Public Library card to access off-campus)