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Lindbergh Elementary Flyers: Coding and Computer Science

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Hour of Code Kindergarten and 1st grade

Kindergarten and 1st grade



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Kindergarten: flyerk

1st grade: flyer1


START HERE: Coding, You will need to sign in with Google to track progress


Beginning in the coding world:  

Getting Comfortable in the coding world : 

Start at level 4 -- sequence

Very comfortable in the coding world: 

Hour of Code: 2nd to 5th grade coding

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Class Code:

2nd grade: flyer2

3rd grade: flyer3

Signin with Google


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Hour of Code: Minecraft

minecraft hour of code

Hour of Code: Star Wars

Star wars battle of the books

Hour of Code: Anna and Elsa

anna and elsa battle of the books

Hour of Code: Moana

moana hour of code

Hour of Code Options

Angry Birds

Angry Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Infinity Play lab

Infinity Play lab

Play lab

Play lab