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Lindbergh Elementary Flyers: Social Justice Topics

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Social Justice

Social Justice is where everyone deserves equal opportunities, a healthy planet, and where each person is valued.

Social = community or group

Justice = equality and equity

 equity vs equality images
We all deserve a healthy planet. But our choices are having consequences on the health of our planet. We have more and more storms and more and more pollution. Choose one storm or pollution to learn more about. 

Natural Disasters: Hurricanes




Hurricanes -- Britannica (Tropical Cyclone)

Hurricane -- Pebble Go (search Hurricane)

Hurricane -- Newsla (might have to sign in)

Hurricane -- Flocabulary (might have to sign in)

Hurricane Harvey (Houston) 

Kids lend a helping hand during Hurricane Harvey

Rescue After Hurricane Harvey 

Hurricane Irma

Natural Disasters: Flood

A flooded street can make driving impossible.


Floods -- Britannica

Floods -- Pebblego (You may have to search or go to Databases and choose Pebble Go)

Flooding due to Hurricane Harvey (Newsla)

Wild Animals Try to Escape Floods in Texas (Newsla)


Natural Disaster: Earthquakes


Earthquake -- Britannica

Earthquake -- Pebble Go (You might have to go to databases, then pebble go, and search for earthquakes)

Earthquake -- Newsla

Mexico's earthquake Sept. 12, 2017

Natural Disasters: Tornados


Tornadoes -- Britannica

Tornadoes -- pebble go -- You might have to go to Databases, then Pebble Go, and then search Tornadoes

Tornadoes -- Newsla

Tornadoes and damage -- Newsla