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Olson 4th grade American Indian Nations in Wisconsin: Home

Nations in Wisconsin


Essential Understanding 1:  Nations

There is great diversity among the 11 federally recognized American Indian Nations in Wisconsin — diversity in their language, cultures, histories, and governments. Each of the 11 nations has a distinct and unique cultural heritage contributing to Wisconsin’s past and present.

View the tribal map of the 11 nations of Wisconsin

11 Federally Recognized American Indian Nations in Wisconsin

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Our Tribal Neighbors

We are going to answer three questions. You may have seen the poster and have done some work in Google Classroom on these questions. If you need help getting links to the answers, here are some tips.

How Long Have Humans Lived Here? 

On Whose Ancestral Lands Do You Live? (click on treatylands)

Who Are Your Tribal neighbors today? click on the tribal lands).


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