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Book Trailers - for HS students: 5: Technical Info.

Contains links, examples and instructions for creating student-made book trailers.

Getting your files onto the computer?

So you took photos on your cell phone or recorded video or audio, but how do you get them from your cell phone or tablet/ ipad onto a computer?

Most video files are TOO LARGE to "share" from your cell phone to your email. Instead:

1. On your phone or tablet, download the DropBox app

2. Create a new account

3. Upload your files from your phone or tablet to Dropbox

4. Log onto a school computer, go online to and log-in to

5. Click on each file (one at a time) and download them to your "J" drive

Something to remember:

Video files are BIG. If you film in shorter clips, you'll have an easier time getting them onto your J'drive and editing them with MovieMaker or WeVideo or some other application.

There are many apps you can use to record audio, so make sure you know how the files can be shared before getting started. Some will only work within the app and that means you can't get them off your cell or tablet to use them in a project. See recommended apps in the audio box below. 

Recording Video

Use the camera on your ipod touch, iphone, smartphone, ipad or tablet to record video!

VIDEO EDITING APPS (for Apple tablets, iphones, etc.):

Recording Audio

SoundCloud: allows you to record audio and get it out to the public. The app uploads audio to a website, which allows you to share it easily. 

Tape-A-Talk voice recorder app for Android devices: long-clicking on a recorded file gives you the option of sending, renaming or deleting the file.

Ocenaudio - A Free Audio Editing Tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux

more later...

CREATING Music/ Audio

This is where I will suggest apps and devices for making original music/ audio.

We Mainly use Windows MovieMaker LIVE at LHS

There are a variety of apps, software, and other web sites you can use to create videos, but the most accessible program at La Follette is:

Windows MovieMaker LIVE

In fact, you can download it for free onto your home computer as well. Click here to visit the download page, but make sure you have your parent's permission!

Movie Maker Alternatives


WeVideo - A free, online video editing web site that has:

  • an online editor supporting three editing mode (Storyboard mode, Timeline mode and Advanced mode) and where the editing modes can be switched between, at any time
  • a central hub for all users where they can collaborate, manage their media and setup their account
  • theme capabilities to style videos - including grading, transitions, titles, lower thirds and music
  • Cloud connectors (i.e. WeVideo talks with Google Drive, Facebook, InstaGram, DropBox, Picasa, Sky Drive and Box) for widely used cloud storage services so that existing content libraries can be used in the edits and final videos can be published back
YouTube editor - - Also free and online. It lets users:
  • Combine multiple videos and images you've uploaded to create a new video
  • Trim your video clips to custom lengths
  • Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks
  • Customize clips with special tools and effects
  • Downside? You can't add your own audio or voiceover/ mp3 files

More web-based editing... (from “Engaging Students in Video Production and Movie Making in the classroom” slideshow/ presentation from Tech & Learning and SONY, Dec. 9, 2009)

 Storybird - - Storybird is a free digital storytelling site where students can create stories, choose original artwork to accompany and share by emailing, embedding or via social media.

Masher: Masher provides you with a lot of different footage to use along with your own material.  Also you can add a variety of special effects, and you can share this with many different online services.


iMovie: like Movie Maker LIVE, but primarily for Macs - Get parental permission to download it for a Mac here:

They do make iMovie for Windows computers. This site sells the download for $39.99:

More Advanced Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid with After Effects (these all cost big bucks, typically, but are great programs if you can get access to them and know the basics)

Touchcast: (a free app or software; have to download it) - Their slogan "looks like the web in video format"

There's also access at the Madison Public Library (MPL) - check out their Media Lab!

The MPL's Media Lab has Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects, iMovie, Garageband, Pro Tools, ipads, a green screen, a recording studio and several digital video camers for use IN the library. MPL staff is often on hand to help. They also have a free Video Editing workshop you can sign-up for - check their calendar for the Video Editing classes:  Or, you can actually reserve their media lab to work on your own project:


More about video editing online and video editing software: