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MS lib template: More Video Sources

Connecting learners to literature, resources and technology to discover and achieve.

Educational Video Collections

These sites are full of videos on a wealth of topics that can help grab your students’ attention.

Digital Citizenship

Free Movies and Clips

Visit these sites to get access to free documentaries, public domain films and short clips.

General Video Collections

These sites do offer some great educational content, but contain other types of videos as well.

Government and Organizations

Go through these sites to get great videos and footage from the past and present of American history

History, Arts and Social Sciences

Here you’ll find a great collection of videos to illustrate the past and help your students see the beauty of the arts.


If you’ve got no clue how to use a technology or want to see how things work in video form, these tutorial-filled sites should be your first stop.

Lesson Planning

These video sites offer some great content to add to your lesson plans, and many are geared towards students so they can use them at home as well.

Miscellaneous Video Sources

Network and Program Videos

These video sites are maintained by TV networks, offering videos of their programming for teachers to use for free.

Science, Math and Technology

On these sites, the videos focus on the fields of science, math and technology

Teacher Education

Check out these sites to find some videos that will help you learn more about the subjects you teach and the technology you use.

Video Tools

If you want to share, upload or store your own videos, consider using one of these great online tools.


This page is based on the work of Andrea Schmitz, Librarian at Falk Elementary, MMSD.