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Hawthorne Elementary School LMC: Book Bowl or Battle of the Books

5th Grade Book List

 The Fifth Grade books have a black BB on the spine.

4th Grade Book List

 The Fourth Grade Books have a red BB on the spine.

What is the Book Bowl?

The Book Bowl is a fun, friendly activity where teams of students read books from a specified list and then compete in a trivia contest based on those books. There are a few easy steps to participating in the Book Bowl contest at Hawthorne:

  • Sign up as a team, pick up a reading list and check out books; your team will have 4 students at your grade level
  • Divide the books between team members
  • Keep up with your reading throughout December, January and February
  • Participate in your school Book Bowl competition, which is often held during the last week of February
  • Most importantly - HAVE FUN!!

Signing up is a promise to keep reading and to stay on your team. Only sign up if you really want to be in this contest and if you will do the reading! 

Your team members do not have to be in the same class, BUT they must all be from the same grade. Sign up with Mrs. Hoadley and start reading!

Battle of the Books General Information

  • Now  - is your team registered with Mrs. Hoadley? Continue to read from the list for your grade level.
  • March 4, 2020 - school competitions start at 9:00 a.m. in the LMC.
  • Beginning of March - East side attendance area competitions

Battle of the Books Specific Information

  • Both grades will have the Contests on the same day, Wednesday, March 4, 2020 in the LMC.
  • Fourth grade will begin at 9:00 a.m.
  • Fifth grade will begin at 9:30 a.m.
  • The winning teams at each grade level will represent Hawthorne at the East side attendance area competition...location and date still to be determined. Parents of all participants are invited to attend both the school contest and the East side contest!

Book Bowl Forms

  • Your team must register with Mrs. Hoadley by filling out an official Book Bowl Team Registration form. Pick up a form from Mrs. Hoadley and be sure to turn it back in to her. Your team is not officially entered into the contest until Mrs. Hoadley has that form.
  • Please do not submit a form if you do not intend to stay on your team. Once a form is submitted, you are promising to do the reading and be a good team member. Do not let your team down!
  • Your team may also pick up a Book Bowl Team Reading log sheet to keep track of everyone's books. This is not required, but can be a good way to be sure all the books are read before the contest starts.
  • Your team may also pick up a Book Bowl Study Guide form for each book. This is a handy way to take notes and study for the contest. This is not required, but you may find it helpful.