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Hawthorne Elementary School LMC: Science

All About Birds

Butterflies and Moths

Creative Minds

Eagle Cams

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Live from Miles City, MT Eagle Cam camera


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MN 2015 Live Bald Eagle Cam

EEK! Environmental Education

Extreme Science

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Kids Do Ecology

Muse Magazine

Mystery Doug

Nature Net


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A collection of science and math interactive computer simulations.

With over 200 million simulations delivered to date, students learn through exploration in an animated, game-like environment.

PhET simulations encourage inquiry, use real-world connections and can be used in a variety of educational settings. Play with existing simulations or run simulations on this engaging, interactive site. Grades: 2-12.

Tip: Have your elementary students learn the principles of fractions with the “Fractions Intro” and 4 related simulations.

Ranger Rick

San Diego Zoo

Smithsonian Education: Science & Nature

Take the Pledge!