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Hawthorne Elementary School LMC: Character Education

Books from the Hawthorne LMC

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Be Big: Have Respect  (Pre K - 2)

T-Bone built a sandcastle on the beach. Clifford thinks the sandcastle is great! Cleo thinks the sandcastle could use a few improvements, but she doesn't ask T-Bone if it's okay to add a flag or a wall. Clifford reminds Cleo that the sandcastle belongs to T-Bone. She should ask if T-Bone wants her help or likes her ideas about how to change it. That is how a friend shows respect. We can show that we care about our friend's thoughts and feelings by asking first.

How Do You Earn Respect  (3 - 5)

Like trust, respect needs to be earned but can easily be lost. Everyone needs it and everyone deserves it, but that doesn't mean that everyone always shows it. Don't expect to get respect if you don't give it. Responding to disrespect with disrespect keeps a bad cycle going. Respect is necessary for friendship and love. You show respect when you are kind, compassionate, considerate, and look for the best in others. Helping others and making them feel comfortable communicates respect.