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Hawthorne Elementary School LMC: 1st Grade

Read-Aloud This Week

I can listen to a story in my library.

I can use clues in the story to make predictions. 

I can differentiate between fact and fiction.


I CAN...

I CAN return my library books on time so I can check out more books!

I CAN sit and read my library books quietly after check out time.

REACH Class - Genre Study

Each week in REACH class, we are looking at a different genre, or type, of book. We started with an introduction to genres, with "Joe Bright and the Seven Genre Dudes" and then began read-alouds to match the genres discussed in that book. We are reading titles from Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Folk/Fairy Tales, and Non-Fiction. After we have read these examples, we will be writing our own stories in our favorite genre!

Read-Aloud Books We Have Shared

Teacher Librarian