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Lowell School Library Guide: Battle of the Books

4th Grade Book List

Battle of the Books

What is the Battle of the Books (aka Book Bowl) 

Battle of the Books is a reading competition for 4th and 5th grade students. Interested students form teams of 3 or 4 people and read books from the Battle List for their grade. Teams then answer questions about the books in an exciting competition!  The Lowell School Battle is held at the end of February and the larger, multiple school, competition is held in March.  Lowell Elementary will send one group from each grade to represent our school at the Super Battle.

Who can participate in Battle of the Books?

Fourth and fifth graders who are eager to read and test their reading skills! Students form groups of 3 or 4 to read, study, and compete. Each group is responsible for sharing the reading of the books on their grade level list. Students who are having trouble finding a group should let Ms. Pipson know and she can help. The top scoring teams from Lowell
 at each grade level will move on to the East Side Super Battle (Book Bowl) competition.

Why should kids participate?

The purpose of
this program is to motivate students to read, monitor their own comprehension, and work collaboratively with friends.  Battle encourages students to read quality literature on a variety of topics and themes.  We have designed this competition to promote the important character education goals of teamwork, respect, and good sportsmanship.  

When does it Start?
Battle starts right before Winter Break. Students will form teams and can then check out the books.  We have multiple copies of the Battle titles. The Battle books will count as part of your regular checkouts. You may check out 2 Battle books at one time. All the Battle books will be reserved only for Battle participants. Students are encouraged to check the public library for copies of the books or for audiobooks as long as they are unabridged.

5th Grade Book List