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La Follette Library Portal: ENG 2 Argument Research

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ENG 2 Argument Research

Databases are the best choice when doing research for a school project.
Databases are reliable sources and their content will not be blocked.

The 3 databases below are perfect for your Argument Research unit. There is also a link to NoodleTools for you to use to organize your research and cite your sources.
Let your teacher or Ms. Clark know if you need help!

Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints in Context


Contains articles, primary sources, and media for controversial social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to violent video games

SIRS Researcher

Provides background and current analysis of current social issues through articles, media, and primary sources. Also contains pro/con pages on topics.

Teen Health and Wellness

Teen Health and Wellness

Provides information on diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, and mental health, geared specifically to high school students.

NoodleTools Research Platform

Research Platform

Cite, archive and evaluate sources,

organize notes, and outline.