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Librarian eGuide : Staffing & News

LIbrary FInes

Library Program District Support

TJ McCray - Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services
Doyle building, room 207

Renae Ferraro - District Library Media Technology Specialist Lead Teacher
Doyle building, room 116

Titlewave username - rjferraro

Amanda Klinkner - Instructional Technology & Media Services Admin Assistant, Sr.  
Doyle building room 207

Titlewave username -

Library Media Technology Specialist - School-based

Libguide Team Captains

Elementary Libguide Team:

La Follette Team Captain: Nancy Engle (Glendale)

Schools: Allis, Nuestro Mundo, Elvehjem, Glendale, Kennedy, Schenk, Lake View, Hawthorne

East Team Captain: Maegan Heindel (Marquette)

Schools: Gompers, Lindbergh, Mendota, Lapham, Lowell, Marquette, Emerson, Sandburg

West Team Captain: Michelle Reis (Randall)

Schools: Leopold, Lincoln, Midvale, Thoreau, Franklin, Randall, Shorewood Hills, Van Hise

Memorial Team Captain: Sam Skar (Schenk)

Schools: Crestwood, Muir, Stephens, Chavez, Falk, Huegel, Olson, Orchard Ridge

Middle School Captains: Kelli Ballwahn (Blackhawk & Wright), Jennifer Milne-Carroll (Whitehorse)

High School Captain: Jessica Schmitz Spring Harbor)

K-12 Spanish Libguide: 

Wisconsin DPI Library Updates

Wisconsin DPI School Library Media Updates

Library Leadership Team 2020-2021

Elementary School Reps:

  • Shannon Furman, Lake View ES
  • Maegan Heindel, Marquette ES
  • Joelyne Hoerth, Kennedy ES
  • Jen Pavlik, Stephens ES

Middle School Reps:

  • Julie Beckett, Sennett MS
  • Alex Phelps, Hamilton MS

High School Reps:

  • Erin Clark, La FolletteHS,
  • Kristin Delorme, Memorial HS

District Reps:

  • Renae Ferraro, Library Services Coordinator
  • TJ McCray, Executive Director Library and Technology Services 

Library Leadership Team Dates & Minutes

Weekly meetings 
Yet to Be Determined

Role Alike Meeting Dates

MMSD Role-Alike Professional Learning   2021 - 2022 

MMSD Early Literacy Vision:

"To focus on utilizing literacy at every level as an equity strategy to ensure all MMSD students receive high-
quality, grade level accelerated instruction.”

Library Media Long Range Plan