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Librarian eGuide : Cataloging and Processing

LIbrary FInes

Cataloging goals

Our main cataloging goals are:

1. to have good records in the catalog so that patrons can find what they need

2. to have the materials shelf-ready and in patrons' hands as quickly as possible

In order to help achieve these 2 goals, we are asking you to:

  • Order from vendors who provide MARC records with your order (pay for the MARC records and vendor processing if necessary)
  • Add your own copies in when an existing record for a particular title already exists in the MMSD Destiny catalog
  • Add a 020 tag (additional ISBN) to the MARC record when the title already exists, but your copy is slightly different (Ex. a Scholastic book fair copy)
  • Check the A+ database for ISBN matches for a book that is not already in the catalog & import the record if a match is found. If there is no ISBN match, please do a title search. Download the record if you find a title match and add a 020 tag for your specific ISBN.

The videos in the middle column will help you learn to do these things on your own if you need assistance!

District Policy - Genrefying

Genrefying - District Policy

The Library Leadership Team created implemented a district Genrfying Policy during the 2017-2018 school year.  This policy went into effect at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

Madison Metropolitan School District Generfication Policy

Simple cataloging tips

If YOU choose to do original cataloging for any donated items or things that you have purchased from a retail store, we recommend a simple record with the following fields filled in using "Easy Editor" in Destiny:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • ISBN
  • Material type
  • Publication information
  • Extent (under physical description)
  • Series (if applicable)

Use Follett's ? button for each field if you need a refresher on how to enter information into any of these boxes.

Adding a copy of a book to your catalog (when another site already has the same book)

Adding titles to the catalog from A+ (when no sites have a copy)

Adding a 020 tag to a record (for various copies of the same title)

Standardized media processing from Pflaum Rd.

Standardized processing from Media Processing @ Pflaum Rd. will look like this:

Barcode will be placed in the upper right corner of the back cover.

(slight adjustment down may be made if it will cover something that is considered important)

Spine label in same place (approx. 1” from bottom of spine).

Spine labels will have the appropriate standardized prefix on the top line:

DVD, E, FIC, dewey number, or PRO

3 letters of author’s last name (or editor’s last name) on the 2nd line.


EVERYTHING that you send to media processing will be done in this standard way.

Cataloging and Processing General Information


Cataloging questions?

Call Renae Ferraro at 663-1918.


Thank you!


Before you order from any vendor, please double check that the processing specs for your school are correct. If you're not sure about processing specs, Renae Ferraro is an excellent resource. Call her at 663-1918.

Media processing @ Pflaum

Media processing (at the Pflaum Rd. facility) will continue to provide these services for NEW orders:

  • Placing library orders
  • Receiving library orders
  • Inspecting the shipment for completeness and quality (no damage)
  • Making sure each item in your order has a barcode and spine label on it
  • Scanning the barcode on each item to make sure that it shows up in your library site's catalog
  • Sending them out to you at your site

You will add any special stamps or additional labels needed (Ex. a graphic novel sticker) once they arrive at your site.


If you choose to send book fair books or other NEW books to Pflaum Rd. they will provide the following processing services AS TIME PERMITS:

  • Adding copies onto existing records
  • Adding a spine label and barcode label PER STANDARDIZED SPECS for the whole district (see standard specs information at the bottom of the middle column)

These items will be low priority for them, meaning that they will process them during slower ordering periods during the year. Expect items like this to take up to 6 months for completion.


Media Processing questions?

Call Barb Scholl at the Pflaum Rd. Purchasing Dept.

Phone : 204-6803

Label for sending items for Media Processsing @ Pflaum Road