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Librarian eGuide : Inventory & Collection Management

LIbrary FInes


Weeding the Library Collection (possible considerations to why and how)

Freedom to Read: third-world donation opportunity

Copy reports

How do I create a list of my "lost" material?

Reports tab | Library Reports in the left sidebar | In the first group of reports choose Title & Copy List | In the Show Titles dropdown list you will find With "lost" copies.  You don't need to put any criteria in the "from" or "to" fields; if you don't put anything in it automatically gives you everything.

Updating Copies in Groups

I want to add a prefix to a group of books.

What is the fastest way to do that?

Catalog tab | Update Copies in the left sidebar | Batch Update tab | Choose "Change Call Number Prefix to" | Add the prefix to the pop-up field | In the "Update all copies in:" field, 

  • if you already have the items in a resource list, choose via List (NOTE: all copies attached to the titles in list will be changed.  If you want some copies without the prefix....)


  • if you have the items in a physical group, choose via Barcode List.  Create a list by scanning the copy barcodes and then click update.




Titles and Copies

The Title and Copy List lets you create collection reports based on title, circulation type, copy category, date added/updated, or a Resource List.

No copies

How do I see the records with no copies attached?

The Title and Copy List when ran showing titles only, will have all titles with no copies at the top of the list.

Reports tab | Library Reports in the left sidebar | Title & Copy List

Once you make the above choices, all you need to do is change your output type if you want to change it from PDF.  The defaults that appear are what you want chosen.