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Librarian eGuide : Libguides

LIbrary FInes

Library Portal Icon

This icon is located on the Destiny Homepage and your school's drupal website. It links directly to your libguide.


Connect discover achieve Library Portal

Spanish Portal Icon

This is a K-12 companion guide for Spanish language learners and teachers

Expected Launch Date: November, 2014

This icon will appear next to each library portal icon on the Destiny homepage.

Libguide Team Captains

Elementary Libguide Team:

La Follette Team Captain: Nancy Engle (Glendale)

Schools: Allis, Nuestro Mundo, Elvehjem, Glendale, Kennedy, Schenk, Lake View, Hawthorne

East Team Captain: Maegan Heindel (Marquette)

Schools: Gompers, Lindbergh, Mendota, Lapham, Lowell, Marquette, Emerson, Sandburg

West Team Captain: Michelle Reis (Randall)

Schools: Leopold, Lincoln, Midvale, Thoreau, Franklin, Randall, Shorewood Hills, Van Hise

Memorial Team Captain: Sam Skar (Schenk)

Schools: Crestwood, Muir, Stephens, Chavez, Falk, Huegel, Olson, Orchard Ridge

Middle School Captains: Kelli Ballwahn (Blackhawk & Wright), Jennifer Milne-Carroll (Whitehorse)

High School Captain: Jessica Schmitz Spring Harbor)

K-12 Spanish Libguide: 

General Libguide Information

MMSD Libguides: Vision, Goals, Guidelines

Best Practices for Libguides: Evidence-based

Usability Basics

Homepage Ideas

Libguide Management Team (Purpose, structure)

Libguide Support & Training

Springshare Information (makers of Libguides)