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Librarian eGuide : Destiny Help

LIbrary FInes

Printable Student IDs (w/ photo & barcode)

Recently Lost Items (Items to Replace)

CB Status Report - Resource Manager

Re-Printing Chromebook Barcodes in Resource Manager

Directions (with screenshots!)

Troubleshooting table alignment (if the barcodes don't line up correctly on the labels)

IC & Destiny Lost Library Fee Procedure

Communication between the school secretary and the LMTS is critical.  Whenever an item that has been marked lost is relocated it is imperative that the LMTS share this information with the secretary so that the secretary can update IC.

Follow the directions on the document provided when creating or updating fines in Destiny.

IC & Destiny Lost Library Fee  Procedure

Destiny Report Request Form

If you need a new Destiny report that isn't on this page yet, click the image to fill out the Google form linked below and request the Destiny report you need. Please be as specific in describing the report and the purpose as you can, and make sure to include whether it is for Library (books, playaways, etc...) or Resource (1:1 Devices) in your request.

Image is a screenshot of the Destiny Report Request Form

If any of the directions linked on this page are unclear or unhelpful, email Julie at with questions.