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Sherman Middle School: Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books Date to Know

  • Now - read from the list for your grade level
  • Mid-November - teams register
  • End of February - school competitions
  • Beginning of March - district-wide competitions

Check back here for specific dates.

Battle of the Books Info - IMPORTANT READ



Battle of the Books is a challenging and fun activity in which you read books and remember facts from the books. The questions asked of the teams at the Battle of the Books are very specific comprehension questions about each of the books.  You need to be a careful reader to answer the questions.



Teams at each grade level read several books that have been chosen for you by the librarians at Madison middle schools.  The books range in difficulty from below grade level to above grade level, with most being at or above grade level.


You choose if you want to participate.  It is time-consuming, so you really need to think before you commit.  If your schedule is too busy, give careful consideration to how much time Battle of the Books will take and whether you have that time.  (Note: Because it is a reading activity, sometimes the books you are reading for Battle of the Books can also be used for class assignments.)


Sign up with three others from your grade level to form a team. Teams can consist of two or three members but that makes it more difficult to read all the books.  You can sign up with students from other classrooms.     


When you choose your team, put a lot of thought into it.  You probably want to be with friends, but make sure they like to read a lot and can be trusted to use their spare time reading.  


Once you have signed up, read, read, read!   Occasionally you should plan to get together after school and on weekends with your team members to review what you have read and to discuss the books. 


Be a committed team member.  Your teammates would not be happy if you quit in the middle of everything.  Every member of the team has to give 100%.


You do not need to read every book yourself.   Your teammates will help. You have to make sure that at least every book is read by two team members.  If every member did read every book, that would be totally awesome!


The school Battle of the Books will be held near the end of February or early March.        


Battle of the Books Sign-Ups


Ask your ELA teachers for a colorful Battle of the Books Bookmark so that you can see the titles you will be reading!