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Sherman Middle School: Tech Tip Tuesday!

Tech Tip Tuesday 10/6

As your student works from home it may be hard for them to stay focused on the tasks at hand with the internet at their fingertips.  

You can use Securly to keep your student safe online by filtering websites that they can access during the virtual school day.  While virtual learning is in session Securly Parent Portal Access Instructions will aid in setting up the Securly app on your phone.   

Tech Tip Tuesday 11/24

These instructions should be followed if your chromebook is still experiencing slowness/issues AFTER you have cleared your cache and cookies.

Please note if you remove your user from your Chromebook it will delete any files, pictures, videos, etc. that you have saved locally on your Chromebook. To make sure you don't lose anything you want make sure to save it to your Google Drive or email it to yourself.



  • Sign-out of your Chromebook.

  • On the login screen next to your name there will be a little drop down arrow. Click it.

  • Click "remove user."

  • Click "shut down."

  • Let your Chromebook sit for one minute, then turn it back on.

  • Click "Add user" at the bottom of the login screen.

  • Enter your email and password.

Tech Tip Tuesday 10/13

Below you will find directions on a quick fix if your Chromebook is refusing to power on:


>With your left hand: push 'refresh' (circle arrow) and keep holding it down

>With your right hand: tap the power button 5 times (so refresh is pushed the whole time that you are tapping with your right hand)

>Remove hands. It will NOT turn on immediately.  

>Sing your favorite song in your head for about 30 seconds. 

>Make sure your Chromebook is charged. This will only work if your Chromebook is actually charged.


If you'd like the Chromebook to stay awake longer so you do not have to sign in and out so much, add the extension called Keep Awake (not keep awake for Chrome), pin it to your Chrome shelf and turn it on in the morning when you get started. Just close your Chromebook when you are not using it.**

Tech Tip Tuesday 11/3

Students can split the screen on their chromebook so it is half zoom and half web browser by pushing the alt button (yellow arrow in the image below) + one of the bracket keys. Right bracket(pink arrow) puts zoom on the right, the left bracket (blue arrow) puts zoom on the left.


Tech Tip Tuesday 11/17


Many Chromebook problems can be solved by either restarting the device or clearing your browser.  Here is how to clear your cache and cookies:

  1. In the top right corner of your webpage click on the three dots.

  2. Scroll down and go to More Tools then click on Clear Browsing Data

  3. The screen should look like this, and all boxes should be checked like in the photo below.  

  1. Click clear data.

  2. Your history, cache and cookies will all be cleared out!

Tech Tip Tuesday 10/20

Gopher Buddy is a Chrome extension that is already downloaded on your student’s chromebook.  Gopher Buddy tells your student when they need to update their account so they don’t have to continually shut their device off.  These slides show you where to find the extension and how to add it. You can also manually check for updates following these directions:

Check for updates yourself

  1. Turn on your Chromebook and login

  2. At the bottom right, select the time.

  3. Select Settings .

  4. At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.

  5. Under "Google Chrome OS," you'll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.

  6. Select Check for updates.

  7. If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically.

Tech Tip Tuesday 12/8

MMSD has a wonderful app available to students called Sora.  Sora is a way for students to read e-books and audiobooks on their Chromebooks or other devices.  Linked here are Sora Instructions for:

  • Setting up the Sora App

  • Finding a book

  • Adding your public library card

  • Reading books offline on a device