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Dr.Virginia Henderson Elementary LMC: How To...

Welcome to Henderson Elementary LMC! You can find many fun and exciting links on this site to help you in your learning. Please ask Ms. Engle if you have any questions.

Restarting and Updating

Restarting and Updating can solves many device and prograom problems.

Restart Option 1 

Hold down the power button on the side and the refresh button in the middle of the top row on the keyboard until the side light goes off. Wait 10 seconds, then power back up.

Restart Option 2

Sign-out of your Chromebook

  • on the login screen next to your name there will be a little drop down arrow (looks like a "v"), click "remove user"
  • next click "shut down" (still on the login screen)
  • let your Chromebook sit for a couple of minute then turn it back on
  • click "add user" at the bottom of the login screen
  • enter your ID and password
  • try out a couple of things to see how it is working 

Updating Chrome

Open this document and follow the directions. Updating Chrome can help many programs run smoothly and help the function of tools such as microphones.


Parents- click the image below to find 0ut more about Securly!

Screenshot of the landing page for the parent info about Securly

Is Your Chromebook Charging?

Check to see if your Chromebook is charging - 

With your left hand: push 'refresh' (circle arrow) and keep holding it down

With your right hand: tap the power button 5 times (so refresh is pushed the whole time that you are tapping with your right hand)

Remove hands. It will NOT turn on immediately.  Sing your favorite song in your head for about 30 seconds. Make sure your Chromebook is charged. This will only work if your Chromebook is actually charged.

Taking & Posting a Picture on SeeSaw

Sharing Screen in Zoom


Classlink is the new launch pad for many school resources. How do I get to Classlink?

English       Spanish

When using a personal device (not a MMSD Chromebook) Click on the picture below to login.

Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache can help programs run smoothly:

1. Go to the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner

2. Go to More Tools 

3. Clear browsing history

4. Clear Data (button at bottom of menu box) 

Chromebook Tips

 Ctrl+Shift+Switch Monitor Key 3 Dots > More Tools > Take Screenshot