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Schenk's Library Portal: Gilmore-Nelson's Historical Research

The Schenk Elementary library portal for the Madison Metropolitan School District.


Welcome!  You will find articles and videos on your research topic. 

Mount Rushmore

Article on Mount Rushmore


Fun Facts on Mount Rushmore

Article: Who are the Presidents on Mount Rushmore

Video and Article:  Mount Rushmore from Britannica
Video and Article:  Mount Rushmore from
Even more articles: 

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Video:  Montgomery Bus Boycott  (You might have a wait a few minutes for the video to load)

Article:  Civil Rights for Kids

Article:  Montgomery Bus Boycott

NPR's Audio: Unsung Heroes of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Article:  Rosa Parks and Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Sinking of the Titantic

Video and Article from Discovery 

Interactive tour

Reading Rainbow: Sunken Treasure

Interactive Timeline

Article:  Sinking of the Titanic

Article:  Titanic from Britannica