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Stephens Elementary Library: Web Page Evaluation








Evaluate Websites based on...



Authority & Appropriateness


 Image Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman

Is this Website Biased?

Which websites are legitimate?

Number your sheet from 1-20.  Put an 'X' by the number of any untrustworthy website, and a check mark by any legitimate website.  When you are done show me your work.

(hint: 4 of the first 10 are legitimate)

1.)  Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

2.)  Pacific Tree Frog

3.)  The Institute of Delicious Whale Research

4.)  AMNH: Beyond Bigfoot

5.)  Mankato, MN

6.)  Mayo Clinic

7.)  Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanie

8.)  Clean Sweep

9.)  DHMO

10.)  RYT Hospital

(hint: 5 of the following 10 websites are legitimate)

11.) National Geographic

12.) Visit Kazakhstan

13.) Republic of Molossia


15.) The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

19.) Funky Shoes

20.) The Tree Goats of Morocco