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Stephens Elementary Library: Book Bowl 2022

4th Grade Books

Book Bowl

Book Bowl

Book Bowl 2022 Dates

Registration begins the week of April 4th

Book checkout begins the week of April 11th


Reading and activities run through May 13th


What is the Book Bowl 2022

The 2022 Updated Stephens Book Bowl

The Book Bowl is a tradition that occurs each winter where students create teams, read and compete in book trivia of sorts. Sadly, due to the pandemic we missed the experience last year and this year the continued challenges of the pandemic have ended our opportunity for the traditional Book Bowl. Have no fear, we have a solution...

We are offering students in 4th and 5th grade a chance to compete. It will be very different that the Book Bowls of the past, but students will still have an opportunity to enjoy great literature and compete, but in a more inclusive way. 

What makes it different?

1) Since we are no longer forming teams due to our mitigation strategies, we have shortened the reading list. Originally 12-13 books is now 6 books for each grade level.

2) Students do not have to read all books to accumulate points. In the past, a team of students was accountable for reading all of the books on the list in order to have the best chance of answering all of the questions. Now, students can read as many or few as they like. Instead of needing to have answers for all books, students can earn points on the books the complete. The more books a student reads, the more points they have the opportunity to earn. 

3) The activity in the past for a large group trivia competition where students needed to be able to identify the title and author for each book. This year, students have choice in how they would like to earn the points. Students can select from up to 4 activities to share out for each book.

  • These activities include: creating a Fake Facebook profile for a book character, creating a new book cover for the book, writing a book review that can potentially be published in our catalog and finally, somewhat similar to the traditional Book Bowl competition is a book trivia quiz. 
    • For the first three creative activities, students earn points based on a rubric. They have the potential to earn a total of 9 points for each activity.
    • For the quiz, students will answer 5 questions - earning a point for each correct answer.

4) All students competing will earn a small prize for participating, while the top three winners at each grade level will earn medals.

When can students get started?

  • The week of April 4th, students will learn about the updated Book Bowl during their library class time.
  • Students may begin signing up the week of the 4th.
  • Books for the Book Bowl will be available for checkout beginning the week of April 11th. 
  • All activities and quizzes must be submitted on or before May 13th. It is recommended that students do not wait to submit all activities on the last day, but as they complete them so that there is time to evaluate the work. Students will find out the results before the end of the school year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Pavlik at

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