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Central Library Media Services @ Doyle: Leadership

Library Leadership Team 2015-16

Providing K-12 Leadership and representation for school librarians at monthly meetings:

Mandy Meloy, Linbergh Elementary School

Michelle Reis, Randall Elementary School

Sam Skar, Schenk Elementary School

Mindy Grant, O'Keeffe Middle School

Todd Hillmer, Toki Middle School

Kristin Delorme, Memorial High School

Jessica Schmitz, Spring Harbor Middle School and Memorial High School

Renae Ferraro, Instructional Resource Teacher - Librarian

TJ McCay, Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services


TJ McCray - Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services

Phone: 608-442-2926


Renae Ferraro - Instructional Resource Teacher-Librarian

Phone: 608-663-1918


More information about the IRT-Librarian can be found on this page.