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Gompers Elementary Library Media Center: Battle of the Books

4th Grade Titles - 10 books

Gompers Elementary Battle of the Books - 2020

Battle of the Books Introduction

Students who want to be on a team must:

-- Love reading lots of books!

-- Be willing to work on a team as assigned (you will not necessarily get to choose your teammates.)

-- Start reading over Christmas break!

--Commit to attending a once-a-week meeting with Ms. Jody and the other participants:

      4th graders – TBD (lunch recess)

      5th graders – TBD (lunch recess)

The School Battle is in February.

The NorthEast Side Battle is in March.  This year it will be held via Zoom.  Other participating schools are Lake View Elementary, Sandburg Elementary, Mendota Elementary and Lindbergh Elementary.  

Author Name Pronunciation Guide

Gompers Elementary Battle of the Books - 2019

Gompers Elementary Battle of the Books - 2018

5th Grade Titles - 12 books