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Gompers Elementary Library Media Center: Hmong Culture Resources


The purpose of this page is to help students and teachers better understand Hmong culture:

  • by learning about their own culture, or
  • by learning about the traditions and customs of others.

Hmong Cultural Center

Hmong Folktales

Hmong Cultural Tour


An indepth look at Hmong culture by 4th and 5th grade students.

Featured Books

Madison Hmong New Year Picture Book

Click on the picture below to get to an online story about the Madison Hmong New Year, by Sheng Lee and Darby Puglielli, who both work at Kennedy Elementary School.

link to online story about the Madison Hmong New Year


Hmong Dance

Counting in Hmong

Hmong Food

Hmong Culture Field Pack



This Field Pack is available for check-out from the Gompers LMC.  Click on link above to see the content that you can find in the 10 components of the field pack.  It contains a wealth of information, projects, and realia about the Hmong culture!

Early Readers from Project Hmong


These are 6 titles from Project Hmong.  These early readers are good for reading groups, or consider also using them for oral language development.

Mr. Her's Book!


Lake View Elementary's own Mr. Her has written and published a book about a place in Laos which is very special to him. The photographs in this book are vivid, the text personal, and the reader will feel invited into experiencing this mysterious place right along with Mr. Her.  We will be adding this book to our library collection very soon!

New Library Books This Fall


Author Ka Vang writes this story in the tradition of a Hmong folk tale, but incorporates modern day elements and a Minnesota setting into the tale. Read it to learn about Shoua and where her mother's special dream, a falling star and a wounded dragon lead. One thing is certain, Shoua discovers her own voice and magical power. (paraphrasing from Lulu publishing website.)

A news article and video of author Ka Vang discussing her work. is available at this liink.

Ka Vang



The Tiger in the Village by Pakou Vang is based on a Hmong folktale that Vang's grandmother retold about a tiger that enters a community, and the entire community works together to get rid of it.

Pakou Vang


Authors Bee Lo and Maggie McHugh team up with illustrator Vong Lao to tell the story of a young girl's first garden in Laos. Ka learns about gardening, and the reader learns about traditional Hmong culture and living in harmony with nature.

Bee Lo, Maggie McHugh, Vong Lao