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Midvale Elementary Library Media Center: Music

Chrome Music Lab

Music Apps

ABC Music (Peapod Labs LLC) - learn about various instruments from around the world (Spanish and English)

Arpie (Keijiro Takahashi) - bouncing balls turn into music (English)

Bebot (Normalware) - friendly animated robot performs your music while you play (English)

Drum Circle Kids (SPYE Studio LLC) - different types of drum music from various cultures around the world

Fam Bam: Got to Have Music (See Here Studios LLC) - Brandy Norwood teaches about various types of music

Los Pollitos (Cantos) - popular Latin American song (Spanish and English)

Playpad (Music Trixstar) - play the musical stave instead of keys or strings (English)

Soundrop (Develoe LLC) - draw lines and use them to create music (English)

Toca Band (Toca Boca AB) - play with sounds and create your own band (English)

2nd Grade Celebration Songs


To share your videos with Mr. Stanley, open this folder, click "+New" then choose "File upload."

(If you need help sharing videos, email Mr. Tim at


Instructions for Recording Videos

Listen to the recording of Brain Power on one device (chromebook, iPad, iPhone, phone, tablet computer) using headphones.

Sing your part, verse or chorus and record your video on another device (chromebook, iPad, iPhone, phone, tablet computer).



Video on how to record and share videos:


2nd Grade Celebration Songs

Contact Mr. Tim

Write to Mr. Tim!
Write letters to me by email at (with parent help) and I promise to write back.
Here are links to the Kindergarten lyrics, 1st Grade lyrics, and 2nd Grade lyrics of songs students have been singing this year in Music class. A downloadable PDF of the Kindergarten lyrics is also attached below if you would like a copy for printing or accessing offline.

I'm Missing You by Tim Gruber

Click below to check out Mr. Gruber's music videos! Look for some familiar faces!

I Am Me by Willow Smith

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Fifty Nifty United States Song


Lyrics linked - see PDF

Music Videos

Peter & the Wolf


Count On Me by Bruno Mars

Be a Friend Song

Cups by Anna Kendrick

Sing About Martin Song

Sing About Martin

Sing about Martin (sing about Martin)

Sing about caring (sing about caring)

Sing about peace (sing about peace)

All around the world (all around the world)

Sing about Martin (sing about Martin)

Sing about loving (sing about loving)

Sing about peace (sing about peace)

All around the world (all around the world)

Belly Breathe with Elmo