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Muir Elementary LMC: Science

Virtually Everything @ Your Library

DK Findout!

DK findout!

The Kid Should See This

The Kid Should See This

Mystery Science Videos

link to mystery science website

Interesting science videos about a variety of topics
Mystery Doug videos

PBS Kids

PBS kids link to website

NASA KIds' Club

NASA Kids Club website
Experiment with Science in Space

National Geographic Kids

link to the National Geographic Kids magazine information and activities
Explore a variety of science

Science Bug

link to the Science Bug website

Observe Animals on these Virtual Field Trips

link to Sand Diego zoo kids website
Visit the San Diego Zoo website for kids to learn more about animals.
Amazing videos, activities and games await you on this tour!

Monterey Bay Aquarium link to live cameras
Pick from many different LIVE cameras to observe animals in their habitat at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

link to panda webcam at the Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo's Panda Cam

Houston Zoo link to live animal webcams
Visit several different animals living at the Houston Zoo via live webcams

Georgia Aquarium link to webcams
View a variety of animals that live in the water via live webcams