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Black Hawk Middle School LMC: Book Tasters Book Club

Connecting learners to literature, resources and technology to discover and achieve.

When Is the Next Book Tasters Luncheon?

NEXT LUNCHEON:                                   

How Does Book Tasters Work?

1. Choose a book from the Book Tasters cart. There must be a purple circle sticker on the spine.
2. Check it out and read the whole book.
3. Fill out the Book Tasters Review Form.
4. Get invited to the next Book Tasters Luncheon.
5. Come to the luncheon with your lunch. Ms. Ballwahn will bring a homemade dessert. We'll talk about our books.
6. Repeat.
Be an adventurous reader! Taste something new!

I've Read a BT Book, Now What?

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