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Van Hise Library! : Animal Information

List of Mammals with Pictures and Descriptions

amazon rainforest mammals, capybara

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Monkey, Bearded Saki
Monkey, Brown Capuchin 
Monkey, Squirrel 
Monkey, Red Handed Howler
Monkey, Black Howler 
Night Monkey
Dolphin, Grey River 
Dolphin, Pink River 
Long Nosed Bat
Bulldog Fisheating Bat
Three Toed Sloth
Rat, Spiny 
Rat, Amazonian Bamboo
Peccary, Collared 
Peccary, White Lipped 
Giant River Otter
Marsh deer
Deer, Red Brocket 
Red Rocket Deer
Red Rumped Agouti
Coati Mundi


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A-Z Animals

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Ranger Rick

Animal Research Introduction