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Van Hise Library! : Tips

Tech Tips for Teachers

Free Technology For Teachers
This link includes tons of great ideas, websites, and tutorials.  Major topics include:
iPad apps for School, Android Apps for School, Google Tutorials, Free Guides, Alternatives to Youtube, and Video Creation Websites.
Tube Chop
TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it. (Does not work with Google Drive.  See Michelle if you want ideas on how to share/save the videos you chop.

Speeding Up Login Time.
Have you noticed that some district computers are faster than others? And the next day, the fast computers seem to swap with the slow computers? Also, certain students can log in on some computers and can't get into others!
The reason some are slow and some are fast actually has to do with who has logged into that computer before and who has not. If you've logged into a certain computer within the last few weeks, you'll be able to get back into that computer fairly quickly. If it is your first time logging into a computer, it will take much longer.

Laptop Tips:

To change the size of what you see on the screen, you have two options:

1) Click Ctrl + or Ctr l-

2) Click on the windows start menu (bottom left part of your screen), in the search window

type”dpi scaling” and then there will be a few sizes to choose from.


Click here  MMSD Laptopt tips.  and Click here for more tips