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Van Hise Library! : Technology

New in the library!! IPAD Chord for the Projector


There are two ways to project your iPad screen

1. Use an iPad VGA adapter, unfortunately these devices easily come unplugged and the user has to remain hardwired to the projector

      Cost $29.00

2. Use the Reflection App, this method is completely wireless. It projects your iPad screen to a website which can be opened on the PC that is attached the projector.

      Cost $14.99

iPad and computer screen sharing software.

Ways to use these apps in your class:

  • Wireless way to project your iPad screen
    •   Reflection mirrors your iPad screen onto your desktop. You will project from your desktop just like you always do, but the projected image will be whatever you're doing on your iPad


  • Mirror your computer screen onto your iPad or share with colleagues’ computers. Also chat via webcam.

App of the week- Science Apps for Research-Look below in the Printable version for more detailed explanations of these apps


HudsonAlpha iCell

Periodic Table Project

Virtual Cell Animations

Virtual Heart

Germ Blaster

Spacecraft 3D



App of the week-Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation Writes while you speak.

Ways to use Dragon Dictation in your class:

  • For a slow typer who needs to complete their work quickly and independently.
  • To record what you say in class for a student to read later
  • Have students record their small group discussion.
  • Record students reading aloud.
  • Try using with ELL students - it dictates in many different languages.
  • It is Free


Printable Version  *Click here to get step by step instructions








App of the week- Educreations


App of the week: Educreations


A Free App that is an interactive white board where you and your students can create lessons. 

Here is an example created by Helen age 8


New Apps to Share

web tools for teachers




Teaching Chanel